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The Company

3iBest (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a young and dynamic German owned system solution provider for building envelopes in China, Hong Kong and Macau. It gathers an intercultural group of Chinese and Foreign Experts who are specialized in the field of building energy systems with an in-depth understanding of the European and Chinese construction market and make accurate predictions and contributions for future trends.
With an international vision and commitment of professionalism, 3iBest is committed to achieve a truly standardized and intelligent facade system in order that the building facade becomes an important component of building energy systems and finally achieve an ideal state of harmony through the perfect combination of energy systems and architectural design.
The company philosophy is to create an outstanding value to the society, environment and its employee. Its principle for the development of talented people is to give them great career development opportunities and provide them with a good working environment.  3iBest believes in the spirit and creativity of its people, which will let 3iBest become the top building energy system solution provider in China.
At present, 3iBest is appointed to be the Exclusive Distributor of many leading and well-known European facade material system companies:
Exclusive Distributor for Eternit and Creaton in China, Hong Kong and Macau.
Exclusive Distributor of Schuco in South and Southwest of China, Hong Kong and Macau.
The Name

The Name 3iBestsymbolizes our Charter to offer the best Intelligent, Innovative and Integrity systems to Architects, Designers and Planers for modern top-of-the-line Building, Energy, System and Technology solutions.

The Commitment

3iBest is dedicated to an environmental protection and have a genuine and long-standing commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Our provided system solutions with natural products are following the target of Energy Saving by using Thermal insulation systems for windows, doors, facades and cladding panels as well as Energy Producing by offering highly innovative and efficient Photovoltaic Panels.

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