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Cladding Systems

3iBest Cladding Systems Business Unit offers various materials, products and application techniques for the well-established system of ventilated cladding. Many sizes – from 20 x20 cm slates to 3,100 x 1,500 mm sheets – offer attractive design options. Transparent or colored varnish coatings express the unique character of fibre cement material. Bright-color coatings offer the possibility of colorful designs with strong accents.

The multiplicity of textures and colors available permit panel usage in virtually all environments and the broad range of applications that meet the designer’s need for almost any construction situation. Unlike metal components, fibre cement architectural panels, because of their unique inert composition, will not rust or corrode in any natural climate or environment. Fibre cement panels, coated or in their natural state, are a stone-type product with historically proven durability.

Fired clay tiles are the result of continuous new developments and improvements in the area of ceramics, used in facades, roofs and floors. Clay tiles offer a new arena of choices: in the selection of colors and surroundings, in the diversification of installation and application, in quality and economic viability.

The architect is assured of performance backed by decades of successful usage.

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