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Window and Door Systems

The more widespread use of aluminum as a material for windows, doors, folding/sliding systems, facade systems, or conservatories continues unabated in China. This high quality and durable material, which holds its value so well, is unique in its malleability and the choice of colours available. For many clients, the uniform appearance and the large range of glass formats of aluminum entrance doors, sliding doors and windows is a major reason for choosing this material over others.

A particular point in favour of aluminum is its appearance: especially in the case of large formats, its high static values allow narrow profiles to ensure maximum daylight. External and internal surfaces may be finished in contrasting colours, so that for example a facade that appears flamboyant from the outside can use reserved, neutral colours within.

Through its long experience with aluminum, especially with commercial buildings such as offices, plants, warehouses, etc. and also with public buildings, 3iBest and its Leading Partner Schuco have developed an outstanding level of expertise. In such scenarios, requirements regarding durability, the retention of value in the long term and easy maintenance are a major part of the investment calculation.

3iBest is also offering highly innovative Solar thermal transfer and photovoltaic systems of its Partner Schuco. Solar thermal transfer has a large number of tailor-made solutions, which makes 3iBest capable of implementing the visions of architects and investors without compromise. Schüco is one of the leading providers of photovoltaics in Europe und supplies individual components for a variety of uses from a single source - from family homes to large installations.

We offer maximum quality, simple installation and excellent value for money.

Window and Door Systems

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