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The Adaptive System (ADS) is possible due to the latest manufacturing technologies of 3iBest’s Partner Euro Panels:

The bearing profile with variable depth allows for an optimal adjustment to the structural requirements. Even tiles of different length can be combined on one bearing profile. Joint widths of 2 - 30 mm, open or closed joints, reset or flush executions and various through ventilations can be realized.

Especially deserving of mentioning is the color design of the joints of this system. Aluminum joints in powder-coated RAL-colors can be matched with the colors of your cladding tiles or be set in contrast with the tiles at any time. Whether open, closed, colored or semimachined – the metal joint profile of CREATON always constitutes a luxurious and flexible solution that responds to your building or renovation projects individually.

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Adaptive System (ADS)
1 TONALITY® Cladding tile
2 TONALITY® Adaptive vertical profile aluminum
3 TONALITY® Adaptive joint profile aluminum
4 TONALITY® Protection against dismantling
5 Primary sub-construction aluminum T-profile
6 Primary sub-construction aluminum wall fastening

The primary sub-construction is subject to structural analysis suited to the respective building project and does not constitute a component of the TONALITY® system range.

Closed joint profile,joint8mm      Open joint profile,joint8mm         Closed, “not visible” joint profile,joint2mm              End profile for border,no dismantling protection 

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