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The BAS-Base clinch rail system with the RIVCLINCH connection and jointing technique used in this context has been proving its worth in aircraft and vehicle construction for some time now as a high-tech connection of bearing and joint profiles. It stands for highest safety and durability, offering clear advantages compared with the conventional connections:

  • Higher resistance than with conventional techniques
  • Premachining and finishing are not required
  • The damaging of the surface of coated materials is herewith avoided.

Especially deserving of mentioning is the color design of the joints of this system. Aluminum joints in powder-coated RAL-colors can be matched with the colors of your cladding tiles or be set in contrast with the tiles at any time. Whether open, closed, colored or semimachined – the metal joint profile of CREATON always constitutes a luxurious and flexible solution that responds to your building or renovation projects individually.

Our Technical Department will be delighted to offer you its support and advice.

                       Closed joint 8 mm                  Closed, “not visible” joint profile,joint2mm

Base Clinch Rail System (BAS)

1 TONALITY® Cladding tile

2 TONALITY® Base clinch rail profile

3 TONALITY® Protection against dismantling

4 Primary sub-construction aluminum T-profile

5 Primary sub-construction aluminum wall fastening

The primary sub-construction is subject to structural analysis suited to the respective building project and does not constitute a component of the TONALITY® system range.

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