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Even with additional security, there is no need to forego aesthetic appeal or custom design options. 3iBest offers security of Schüco that lies concealed, in order to prevent life-threatening situations and damage to property.

But the external design is not impaired. Creative freedom is maintained through custom shapes and colour options.

Security systems key features are:

  • Top-class protection against fire and smoke
  • Bullet resistance up to security class FB 6
  • Efficient protection against break-in
  • Blast resistance EPR 1 and US-GSA
  • Optional custom security features conforming to a wide variety of security classes
  • Sophisticated design, attractive appearance
  • Wide choice of colours
  • System compatibility - and security
  • Certified quality
  • Custom solutions possible

Relevant test reports/certificates are available for all security windows and doors; in many cases, they even exceed current standards.

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