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Multipurpose Door

Schuco multipurpose doors can be used for all situations that require more than just a standard door. They are based on the tried-and-tested Schuco ADS door system and contain additional optional components that are perfectly intercompatible. The proven system technology gives developers a variety of design options and allows simple configuration of functionalities. For example, fire protection, smoke protection, access control, burglar resistance, emergency exit security, easy access and many more.

For all situations that require more than a standard door - the Schuco multipurpose door offers versatile solutions using reliable technology for almost all requirements.

The Schuco Multipurpose Door key features are:

  • Standard, fire and / or smoke protection versions
  • Burglar resistance up to WK3
  • Schuco door manager: integrated access control, Finger print, card reader, keypad
  • Integrated emergency exit switch
  • Panic door locks in a variety of designs
  • Bolt contact switches, magnetic switches, glass breakage sensor
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs for connection to the building management system
  • Stand-alone or network operation
  • Can be integrated with a networked building management system
  • No restriction in opening width thanks to concealed door hinges
  • Easy-acess threshold due to retractable threshold gasket
  • A wide variety of surface finishes, including stainless steel look


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