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Burglar resistance for windows, doors and facades

Schuco systems offer a high level of basic security as standard. The stability of the thermally insulated aluminum profiles, together with fabrication in accordance with specified fabrication and installation documentation, prevent units from being levered out quickly.

Burglar-resistant windows, doors and facades up to security class WK3 offer even more comprehensive and proven security. There are a variety of systems and components depending on the intended use. They are all fully intercompatible and are very high quality, as evidenced by test certificates and classification plates (in the rebate).

A key feature of the system solutions for added security: the external look of the Schuco design ranges is retained because the protection mechanisms are integrated predominantly inside the units. Every structure can be equipped with optimum security for any requirements.

Burglar-resistant fittings

The Schuco fittings systems make an active contribution towards the prevention of burglary and theft. The Schuco automatic security locks with multi-point locking provide an optimum level of security and comfort. The door locks automatically when it is pulled to, without the need for a key. The door is opened from the inside simply using the handle.

Protective glass

Schuco safety glass Protect (optionally available with VdS approved alarm system) offers maximum efficiency against burglary and vandalism thanks to an optimum combination of glass thickness and pane construction. Light penetration, visibility and transparency are retained so that design and functionality requirements are also fulfilled.

More components for added security for windows and doors:

  • Magnetic switches for electronic monitoring of opening and closing, VdS class C
  • Security bars
  • Multi-point claw bolt lock
  • Claw bolt lock with three-point locking
  • Fastenings in the frame to prevent levering out
  • Emergency exit switches
  • Panic locks
  • Electric locking with electric access control system
  • Security door infill panels
  • Schuco security profile cylinders

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