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Breakout Resistance

Breakout resistance encompasses classic protection against breakouts, suicide attempts and vandalism.

Breakout-resistant units such as windows, doors and facades are security systems that are used in the following building types:

  • Penal institutions
  • Police, court or customs buildings
  • High-security and psychiatric hospitals

The main aim is to guarantee protection for everyone inside the building. This does not just mean preventing breakouts, but also protecting patients and inmates who are at risk of committing suicide or injuring themselves. The windows and doors must be easy for the staff to operate, in order to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the building. There are no current standards for breakout-resistant windows and doors, so they can only undergo appropriate testing. Schuco has used its expertise and experience from the field of burglar resistance to offere planners and users a secure foundation.

Schuco offers a variety of solutions consisting of fully intercompatible individual components. The security features are predominantly concealed inside the units.

Window security

  • Side-hung and bottom-hung vents with only 120 mm opening width
  • Rounded SoftLine glazing beads which have very few exposed surfaces that could cause injury
  • Schuco AvanTec concealed fittings
  • Schuco range of feature handles including shortened version for reduced leverage
  • Schuco Protect safety glass
  • Stainless steel security bars
  • Secured glazing beads
  • Schuco TipTronic for incorporation into the automated building technology

Door security

  • Concealed door hinges
  • Concealed top door closers that guarantee secure closing
  • Leaf-enclosing infill panels with no sharp corners
  • Multi-point locking
  • Emergency exit switch
  • Schuco access control FingerPrint

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