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Building Automation

As a result of rising energy prices, the energy balance of a building is becoming increasingly important. This is why Schuco offers innovative solutions based on Energy²: saving energy, generating energy, using electrical networks and automatic control systems. The ideal combination of ventilation, shading, temperature and wind with internal lighting and also heating and climate control has huge energy-saving potential. Schuco therefore offers a comprehensive range of building automation systems for the AWS window system and the new ADS door system, which themselves set new standards in terms of energy saving, design and security. All components are intercompatible and can be integrated into the facade units without compromising the design. Schuco also combines automation with comfort, ease of operation, security and timeless, stylish design.

Schuco TipTronic Schuco sensors
  • Fully concealed actuators allow narrow face widths
  • Integrated anti-finger-trap protection in accordance with VFF guidelines
  • Opening width up to 55° with cross section for optimum ventilation
  • Surface-mounted and concealed hinges
  • Vent widths of 430 to 1300 mm (turn/tilt) and vent heights of 870 to 2500 mm (turn/tilt)
  • Operated via a button or alternatively via remote control, e.g. for toplights
  • Integrated in the central building management system via a bus system
  • Burglar resistance up to WK2
  • Possible opening types: turn/tilt, side-hung, outward-opening, horizontal pivot window, toplight
  • Monitoring of opening (open / closed)
  • Monitoring of closing (locked / unlocked)
  • Combined monitoring of opening and closing
  • Connection to burglar alarms, intelligent facade technology and heating control systems
  • Bolt contact switches
  • Glass breakage sensors
  • Weather data (e.g. sun, wind, rain, ice and temperature)
  • Inside temperature
  • CO2 content of ambient air
  • Light intensity
  • Recording time and occupancy of rooms
  • VdS classification Class B and Class C
Schuco radio-controlled systems Schuco automated side-hung doors
  • AvanTec radio-controlled handle in three different designs
  • Consistent look for Schuco range of feature handles
  • Hand-held remote control for operating from a desk or sofa or as you approach doors
  • Profile-integrated TipTronic fittings for all available windows and toplights
  • External receiver for operating external blinds with precise angle adjustment
  • Schuco SafeMatic electric lock for operating doors
  • Selected power packs
  • Test devices for commissioning and maintenance
  • Single- and double-leaf design
  • Leaf weight up to 250 kg
  • Width up to 1400 mm
  • In accordance with DIN 18650
  • Easy-access thresholds
  • 100 % clear opening width
  • Modern, sound-insulated design
  • Emergency exit switch and other functions can be integrated
  • Automatic, servo and lowenergy operation
  • Adjustable speed and hold-open time
Schuco e e-slide sliding door Schuco keyless entry systems
  • Easy, effortless control using control panel integrated in the leaf, external wall-mounted switch or centrally via a building management system
  • Streamlined, handle-less design
  • Can be combined with Fingerprint system or radio control
  • Leaf weights up to 250 kg, leaf sizes up to 3000 mm in height and 3000 mm wide (lift-and-slide systems)
  • Movement sensor/Radar sensor
  • Switch
  • Remote control
  • Integration in the building management system
  • Schuco AccessCard


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