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Compact Line

The Compact Line is the most popular installation type and the thermal collectors can be installed easily and reliably. The installation steps are almost identical for on-roof, flat-roof and in-roof installation. The installation system and the collectors form a structurally tested unit that can withstand extreme wind and snow loads.

On-roof installation

On-roof installation is the most common method in Germany. Schuco systems are suitable for pitched roofs with a slope between 22° and 60°. Special roof anchors are available for all common roof coverings. All components consist of anodised aluminum or stainless steel and therefore have long-lasting protection against corrosion.

Flat-roof installation

Flat-roof installation is used for bungalows or garages. The thermal collectors are installed on flat-roof brackets rather than on roof anchors. These are generally fixed using weights and without damaging the roof membrane.

In-roof installation

For in-roof installation, the conventional roof covering is replaced by an aluminum trough. This provides comprehensive protection from wind and damp. The thermal collectors are installed on the trough using the same support system as for on-roof installation. The result is a particularly flat and seamless integration.

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