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Photovoltaic Light

All current PV standard modules can be installed particularly quickly and reliably using the Schüco PV Light system. Individual components and combined assemblies undergo rigorous tests in the Schüco Technology Centre and at independent institutes. The PV Light system provides optimum security for every system - even in extreme weather conditions. Many cleverly designed details, such as a uniform screw size, allow particularly quick and simple. installation.

Five installation options:

On-roof installation

Individual roof anchors are available for all common roof coverings, also available as sliding option if required.

Flat-roof installation

Bracket designed for optimum yield with simple fixings on building structure or with weights. There are three different installation systems depending on structural load.


Particularly flat and attractive installation for all Schüco standard modules.

Facade installation

Flexible arrangement of the PV modules on a rear-ventilated facade. Compensation for wall unevenness up to 30 mm.

Free-standing installation

Only four prefabricated supports are required for a width of 18 metres. Up to three rows can be arranged and fixed vertically one above the other depending on module type. The supports are installed without a foundation using vent anchors drilled into the floor.

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